Towards a Fluent Logic Programming

This work involves two areas of research in computer science, namely Knowledge Representation and Logic Programming. Starting from the formalism proposed in Features Fluents by Erik Sandewall for describing and reasoning about Inhabited Dynamical Systems, we try to reconstruct it within a Logic Programming framework. The result is an extended logic programming language called Fluent Logic Programming (FLP) capable to deal with the main issues of the frame problem, in the context of Reasoning about Action and Change. From one point of view, FLP is the reconstruction of the proof-theory for the Sandewall's Discrete Fluent Logic by means of Meta-Logic Programming, on the other it is an attempt to integrate Temporal Reasoning and Logic Programming. In order to show soundness and completeness results between the Underlying Semantics and the Meta-Logical Semantics on which FLP is based, we provide a new abstract semantics for FLP as a bridge between them.