The YALL language

The authors of Logo wanted to create a tool to help children build and explore the world of programming as means of building and exploring their own logical thought. The strength of this idea is particular and the turtle has carried his work out well. Today, however, new programming paradigms call for new metaphors and the technological gap between the turtle and modern graphic and multimedia programs seems to make less powerful the original Logo metaphor. In this paper we propose to enhance standard Logo by introducing modern program paradigms. In particular we extend Logo with object-oriented programming and multi-agent programming features. This new language is called YALL and try to change the way of programming Logo without abandon the original philosophy of the language. We introduce a new approach to express the inheritance relation that is more suitable for children. We discuss about these new extensions to Logo describing the new commands introduced. We also discuss a possible implementation of YALL using the Java language by Sun Microsystems.